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Birch’s Lowertown

Tap Room & Barrel House

More Information Coming Soon! Follow us at ‘BIRCHSLOWERTOWN’ on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to watch our progress and to gt the latest news on Birch’s Lowertown.

Birch's Lowertown

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It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

CHS Field – Saint Paul Saints

Birch’s Lowertown has a fantastic view of CHS Field and is the perfect location to grab a drink before during or after the game!

CHS Field - St.Paul Saints Stadium
Saint Paul Saints Baseball Schedule

Saint Paul Farmers Market

Birch’s Lowertown has the luxury of being located RIGHT NEXT to Saint Paul Farmers Market. Take a break from getting your groceries and grab a drink!

St.Paul Farmers Market
Check Farmer’s Market Schedule

Mucci’s Pizza

Birch’s Lowertown will be offering Mucci’s pizza at the bar! Nothing goes better with Birch’s beer then DELICIOUS… I mean DELICIOUS pizza!

Mucci's Pizza
What’s Mucci’s?